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DIY Rope Basket


After graduating from college I, like so many grads before me, find myself back home at my parents house. I love my family and being home but taking all of my college stuff and fitting it back into a room I haven’t truly lives in for four years is difficult. I got sick of living out of bins, laundry baskets, and reusable Marshalls bags so for me this cute rope basket was a perfect solution.

Supplies Needed

  • Plastic basket the size of your choosing
  • Rope thickness once again of your choosing
  •  Hot Glue
  • Muslin Fabric
  •  PATIENCE (which is something I do not have a coupon for)

I found this project on pintrest and it was in shopping for this project that I learned that even if you really want to follow the instructions to a T it is not always possible. I was on the look out for the amount of rope I needed in the perfect thickness and a laundry basket exactly the same as the one from my pin. Although it may be somewhat easier to order online I had the day off and was determined to make the most of it by making this basket, so waiting for supplies to ship was not an option for me, I was on a mission. What I needed to do was to accept the fact that my project was not going to be perfect and exactly match the one I had pinned which can be easier said than done. My rope was thicker my basket not as tall but I was determined to make it work, and I like to think that I did! There were a few hiccups along the way, I did not buy enough fabric and my rope was a little lop sided but to me its perfect. I took the template of the pin and made it my own. I added handles for my own little bit of flair and overall for one afternoons worth of work I am very proud of the outcome! I now have a cute little basket and am one step closet to creating a room fit for an adult!

Here is the Pin that originally gave me the idea!



Pot Heads

After having a particularly stressful day involving multiple phone interviews I decided to scroll through Pinterest in search of my next project! That is where I found these little cuties and decided this was the project for me. While I am not gifted with a green thumb I still love trying to grow things and these succulents were perfect!

Supplies Needed

  • Terra Cotta Pots in various sizes 
  • Succulents 
  • Craft Paint 
  • Sealant (I used a spray one)
  • Dirt 
  • Stones (Optional)

All I used for this project was some little terra cotta pots (which I had in various sizes lying around my house) , craft paint and a sealer. The most difficult part for me was finding succulents, which I found surprising. I went to my local Home Depot and was very disappointed in their selection. I then moved on, still empty handed, to Lowes. Lowes did not have a great selection either but I did score some clearance pots with a few surviving succulents that were perfect for my project (and on clearance….Score)!

Once I had painted and water sealed my pots I found the perfect spot for them in front of my bedroom window where I can look at their cute little faces anytime I walk by!

I have included the link to the Pin that inspired me for this project! That’s all for now will post soon on other ways I’m *Making * life better!